Thursday, 5 July 2012

Old commission

Did this commission some time ago.

The Magician.

Miriam has been selected from the audience to participate in Joker’s magic show. Joker plans on making Miriam’s clothing disappear. She doesn’t take him serious.


  1. JA;JA, my wife had same history some years ago, ja, excellent job!!!!

    1. yep, i was the magician and fucked your wife,
      AWESOME commission blackadder you are the BEST!!!

  2. LMAO! I love your sense of humor! Great rendering, btw! I'm now a new fan (helps that I'm bi, too! lol)


  3. Please make some more laura croft, preferably solo. Ty.

  4. Man, you are seriously talented and I love your work: Lara and ogres, Miriam, Veronica and on and on. You're the best in this category! Really hope others appreciate you enough to encourage you to continue!

  5. Stumbled on this Miriam 3d art, and it looks great! Are there more of her, on a site, or something? I like seeing voluptuous beauties in peril, humiliated/degraded in public, or otherwise (reminds me of Blunder Broad by Eric Stanton). Miriam should star in a series, i'd definitely be a fan!

  6. Hehe. Nice looks really good..

  7. Miriam is so sexy...

    Great artwork...

    I hope someday a scene in the shower with a younger boy...

    Cheers !!!


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