Friday, 13 January 2012

Miriam In Space 3

And here are the last images from Miriam In Space.
As the aliens was occupied with Miriam’s tits, she gave the first alien a right hook which caught the aliens off guard. She grabbed her weapon and killed the aliens. Just another day at the office for her.


  1. And was so looking forward to some alien on Miriam action :(

    Nice work mate :)


  2. holy shit not what I was expecting at all but ended up pretty fuckin badass anyway. Nice!

  3. how disappointing...

  4. keep teasing us and not giving a nice 7 part set of miriam hardcore action :(

  5. Well I like the idea that artists spring surprises.
    Though in future i'd like to see these aliens getting some action with another babe.

  6. Knowing what Miriam did to them, as aliens share a collective sort of memory, some other aliens will capture her or another huntress. Being aware of past events they will overwhelm her and fill all her holes. As these aliens are also revengeful nasty bastards, they will also use the next huntress to lay traps for other women. Instead of just playing with them, they are going to make up for the loss of two "comrades" and after having fun with their prey, they will use her for reproduction...

    Hopefully models with smaller, more realistic boobs. But that is just my opinion.

    1. smaller boobs? internet is filled with nearly similar stuff of small boobs, as the reason i love blackadder's work is the difference by his models' superb-sized-boobs...if you want smaller boobs i think and hope you are wrong here, as it could be no coincidence that his models have this size...smaller boobs? hope never ever !!! btw, would love to see some new stuff of farah, as this model is to me, one of the most brilliant character of this creative genius, and hopefully in action ,)


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