Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The hazards of an adventuress 1

Here's Gisella Moretti with another hair style and a bit smaller ass and tits. This is the first set of images in "The hazards of an adventuress".

And now a word from our sponsor.

Our heroine Gisella is on a mission to find an unknown species of tiny men. If she finds a specimen her reward could be enormous. She has been tracking them in a remote mountain range. But....
the creatures have found her sooner and have captured her.
Now Gisella is finding out that the creatures resemble humans in some unexpected ways!


  1. absolutlely perfect! shes finally naked, and strapped down with her ass like that from other set and barefoot and an orc is gonna do her!!! perfect!!! and you did some deep penetration renders finally!!! fucking perfect!!!
    merry christmas to you too!!!
    she is my absolute favorite!!!

  2. I like her lesser attributes.

    As for the little guys: not all size is important, only where it counts.

    Can't wait to see how this story pans out.

  3. LOVE this model/scenario. Can't wait to see what else dwells in that cave... Great work as always Blackadder!!

  4. Some hate those gnomes. But i somehow find it hot to see Lara being raped by them.

  5. Gisella Moretti....Lara Croft...Whatever!! You continued my favourite storyline (more or less)!!!!...Lara and the 3 goblins! I love the facial expression of shock on her face! This is great, Blackadder! Cant wait to see more! Would have loved to have kept the boots on her though....dont know why....just love the way her ass and legs look with those boots on..LOL! ;)

  6. Great job as always blackadder!

  7. I just hope to one day see her with her front body towards us being banged by those... Things.

  8. awesome job could only be bettered by the little guys smothering her in gremlin baby batter..just to show her whos boss!!

  9. excellent art, why no text?


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