Sunday, 7 August 2011

Lara at it again 2

More in this series. This is commissioned work and more is coming :)


  1. i think Lara merite more "bigger" cock.Give your monsters some huger cock to take care of your fabulous Lara.
    Continue your excellent work.It's amazinng!

  2. This is a great follow-up to your previous images. Awesome work!

  3. Mmmm, sexy stuff. Great poses and setup. I really am digging the results of Octane Render. I downloaded it myself and played with it a little bit. An unbiased renderer working completely off the GPU is pretty amazing. If I can get some decent results like yours (I'm assuming your using standard HDRI rigs or Physical Sun/Sky settings) I might switch my workflow to include Octane as well as Firefly. I'll never give up on FF though, just because it is a more convincing comic renderer that the realism renderers like Octane, V-ray, Maxwell, etc.

    Anyway, great job here! Looking forward to more!

  4. Epoch, yes it's a great software, but it does have it's limitations. Max 64 textures. Already there some of Stonemason's work will not load in Octane. Sometimes loading 3 characters will max out the textures amount I can use. And hardware limited to the amount of RAM on your GFX card. These are my main problems as you can not through anything at it - yet. But it's still in beta, so hopefully it will get better. The sky in the images above is just an RGB color sky. But it renders fast! About 7FPS :)

  5. niiiiiiiiiiiceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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