Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Queen Opala, Osira and Farah - final

Did the last changes to Gabe's characters with his approval and feedback.
Remodeled Farah's boobs to look more heavy. Changed eye colors and added their unique face features.


  1. Awesome mate, I hope gabe lets you do more.


  2. Awesome indeed, I always loved Gabe's character and it is great to see them in 3d. Look forward to see more!

    ...also, I took care of my late lack of care and added your banner to my blog :)

  3. Okay, they were very good before. Now they are perfect! Now I only wish to see some action with these royal babes ;) Are you going to continue with them? If so, you could make them mate with Hero of Egypt (Jake) xD Of course all depends on your own decisisons, it's just that this project is a jackpot for me ;)

  4. Farah with her heavy boobs is exceptionnel.I like how she touch herself with her hands.I m agree to see your women in plenty action^^

  5. Oh my god they are real!
    I am a huge fan of yours from now on...and of course Gabe's but that i was already...


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