Friday, 6 May 2011

More of Lara

Since I see sites getting deleted here, I made my own backup at . As I own and host the server, I can only blaim myself if I should lose some stuff :) But feel free to use and post in it if you want.

The Lara Croft model I made, gave me some commissioning work. So I guess big titted girls are still in ;)


  1. Greetings BL. Thanks for hosting your own server and sharing it with us. Super idea. I clicked on it and saved it and will check in with regularity for certain. Love your work. You have a talent.

  2. Thank you :) If you sign up as a member on the site, you can quickly see if there are new posts.The icons will change.

  3. Excellent Work Blackadder! She looks yummy yummy!!

  4. You can never go wrong with big tits.


  5. Yeah, damn good idea,
    a forum of your own.


    Still no news from Zzomp, by the way...


  6. I m sure that these dark creatures will take care of Lara and her big melons. ^^
    I can't resist to imagine Lara in (hot)action with these zombies.
    Very good work!

  7. would the Zombie take cara of Lara perfect body?I really want see Lara in hot action with the 2 creatures.
    Will you continue to work on Lara in more explicit scene?(i dream of that)

  8. and how about some gangbang action?
    Lara is definitely made for that :)


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