Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Here's Jennifer

Here's Jennifer as I wanted her. Ready for action :)
Almost finished with Pam too.


  1. Hey, I think I can see paradise from here !!!


  2. Doesn't she look too realistic?

  3. I like your question. Jennifer was my try to make a 3D figure look human. Meaning you can't tell the difference between real or 3D. I failed. Your question is also your answer. You already knew it was a 3D character, otherwise you would have said different. When we get to the point where we really can't tell the difference, a whole new world will open.
    We then can have John Wayne back from the dead in movies. No more use for models for clothes or pinups. My guess is we are still 20 to 30 years from that when it comes to making 3d humans realistic. But static objects are already here to day. And by static I mean things like cars, kitchens, buildings. Dead objects. 3D objects that today looks realistic and is in commercials today. A few are so good that you really can't tell if it's a 3D object or the real thing.

  4. Again, amazing rendering work; I'd love to know what you use for this HDRI... Vray? C4D? 3dsMax?

  5. Ah! I've just seen your thing about the software you use - ignore my stupid question!

    Would be great to linkshare; I'm at http://spacetrekfleetwars.blogspot.com/ - I just need to figure out how to add the link thumbnails!


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