Saturday, 31 December 2011

Miriam in space

Here's Miriam checking the corridors on a space ship.

Happy New Year!!

Monday, 26 December 2011

Perils of Miriam

Miriam stopped in a secluded area and went for a nude swim. When she came out of the water, her bathing suit and other possessions were missing.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The hazards of an adventuress 1

Here's Gisella Moretti with another hair style and a bit smaller ass and tits. This is the first set of images in "The hazards of an adventuress".

And now a word from our sponsor.

Our heroine Gisella is on a mission to find an unknown species of tiny men. If she finds a specimen her reward could be enormous. She has been tracking them in a remote mountain range. But....
the creatures have found her sooner and have captured her.
Now Gisella is finding out that the creatures resemble humans in some unexpected ways!

Xmas Vanessa

Vanessa playing with candy.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Miriam – Public Display 2

Last set of images in this little short story.

Miriam – Public Display 1

An here’s a commission I’m working on. And a little intro from the commissioner.

“Public Display”

Miriam, the virgin Princess, has been falsely accused by her jealous stepmother, the Queen of the Middle Kingdom, of having inappropriate relations with a married man. The Queen, who is quite plain and a bit plump, is jealous of all the attention that her beautiful and voluptuous stepdaughter receives from the male residents of the Kingdom. As punishment, the Queen decrees that Miriam should be stripped completely naked and put on display in the public square. Though the King of the Middle Kingdom does not like the decree, he cannot interfere as this is standard penance for an adulteress. The Queen is certain that this punishment will be sufficient to greatly diminish the Princess’s status in the Kingdom. She has no concerns about her stepdaughter’s safety, since she knows that no man would dare touch the virgin Princess lest he incur the wrath of the King.
However, unbeknownst to the Queen, there are other creatures in the Kingdom who secretly lust for the Princess. And, while these creatures have no desire to take the Princess’s virginity, they do not share the other inhabitants’ fear of the King. Surely, they believe, this situation presents an opportunity that simply must be exploited. Thus, to the enjoyment of those men who were present in the square, they created a humiliating spectacle that wouldn’t soon be forgotten by the Princess or the Queen!

Xmas again

Jennifer, Kira and Jenny.