Thursday, 9 December 2010

Test Render

Just a test render.


  1. Very interesting image, and once again superb quality. Is she an android being transformed into a woman, or a woman changing into a robot? I hope there will be more of this, even if it is "just a test render."

  2. I guess the term here is a cyborg.
    I always think about new stories, but never get the time and patience to do any. So I end up with a few images just like this one.
    The storie behind this one is happening in the future when nanotechnology meets Dr.Frankenstein so to speak.
    A big company have invented a way to decode some eletric impulses from the brain and storage them. With the help of nanotechnology they can transfere some of those impulses back into a hightech CPU that can simulate human behavior and have a human personality of the impulses it gets feed with. That means they can copy peoples mind and personality and use it in a robot.
    When the company announced that they could copy a mind up to 24 hours after someone is dead - that became a huge thing.
    Many people wanted their loved ones back after they died, and the company could make that happen. They even found a way to use the dead body and bring it back to life. Although they had to replace the arms and legs with mechanical ones as they haven't found a solution to get the impulses from the CPU to work with real arms and legs yet. So they created a cyborg.
    To make a long storie short...Of course, an invention like this will get all kinds of attention...and some of it with evil intention in mind.
    This image is of the room where the cyborgs wakes up for the first time. And for the first time in the companys history, this female cyborg got the wrong CPU implanted - deliberately.

    I love SciFi and adventure flicks and sometimes my mind comes up with some strange shit :)

  3. That’s an interesting plot. Would the cyborgs act as their former characters or would they lead new lives? Why was there a deliberate mistake? There are so many different ways to develop this story. How do you intend to tell the tale?
    I was also thinking of Pygmalion, the classical Greek tale from Cyprus of the sculptor who carved a marble statue and fell in love with his own work. He prayed to Aphrodite – the goddess of love and a native of Cyprus – and the statue came to life. Perhaps there’s a high tech version in there using cyborgs. A scientist develops a new realistic android and falls for her. I am currently writing a similar story for one of the erotic literature websites. Maybe the cyborg can fall for her creator. A bit soppy maybe, but you only need a few characters, and you can still have lots of sex.
    I’m not suggesting you use this particular story, but there are lots of ways you could use your skill to produce something special that will attract visitors to your blog. I know it involves more time, but you’d be surprised how few pictures you need for a decent story, if you get the script right.

  4. Sorry, another idea before I go, a slight variant on your plot. Rather than a corporation inventing the technology, it's invented by a scientist who wants to save his wife/lover. That way it's slightly more personal, and the reader will want him to succeed. You could then have a happy ending and lots of sex. Female visitors to you blog will love that.
    Now I am definitely going to bed.

  5. Do you know a link to some decent stories with pics?

  6. I can send some 3D pictures that I have downloaded if you want to contact me through my email address. You can access it because I am registered as a follower of your blog. If you would rather not, I will give you some links tonight.

  7. I have found some, but don't like the results.
    Maybe I will try to make some stories next year.


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