Monday, 27 December 2010


Was trying to make a midget in Poser but failed. I have no problem sculping it, but as soon as I bend the limbs the bends look very bad, as the joints gets fucked up. And I can't seem to fix it. So I was trying to make a midget with the Poser limitations but as you can see it just look like a short person. Anyone know how to make the limbs shorter and keep the bends smooth?


  1. Limbs look fine to me they are not creasing up to much you should look at some photos of some women that are shall we say on the plump side and you will notice there is more or a crease then an average person because the body mass has to displace less.

    Your work is amazing I only wish I could render in the ways that you get yours to come out.

  2. Maybe SP4 petite + short proportion morphs?


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